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A stopped clock may indicate the death of something or if it is racing, a sense of urgency. It can also be about the restrictions we place on ourselves i. It is our identity and our self-image. What we put on to the rest of the world see face. It is also what we put on to hide our real selves as well as a cover up or a symbol for hiding something.

To put someone into a coffin might suggest that you want to get them out of your life. There is a feeling of neglect in this symbol, as in "being left out in the cold. The vitality of something or of the self. Color Chart. Something of great worth. Sometimes symbolizes the soul. Can also be an aggressive color as with anger.

Understated confidence. Color meanings are a bit iffy. You should be especially careful to interpret their meanings based on the resonance and meaning for you. Color interpretation is also cultural in nature. The above meanings are western in nature. The Theosophist, C. Leadbetter also created a chart in his book, Man Visible and Invisible that doesn't seem to follow any of the current cultural or western definitions.

A similar color chart was used to interpret Auras, or what the Theosophist's Annie Besant and Leadbetter described as "Thought forms" believing that thoughts are things, radiating vibrations and floating forms. These ideas were presented in their treatise, Thought Forms Though in all fairness their definitions were slanted toward his understanding of the spirit world and the concept of auras.

My symbol interpretations tend to be somewhat more prosaic. Note that the musical scale is an ascending chromatic scale where the frequencies range from low to high on both the visual and auditory scale. The zodiac symbols don't follow a consistent pattern, however, in that there are many zodiac color wheels with all being different. This attempt to coordinate color and sound to affect an emotional state is nothing new, both Isaac Newton and Pythagoras created their own scale.

There is a story that Pythagoras noted a young man bringing hot coals to the door of his lover's house so as to burn it down as retribution of her having scorned him. A man playing a flute nearby was playing an energetic little song that seemed to be spurring the young man on. When Pythagoras asked the flutist to play another song that was much more soothing, the young man seemed to come to his senses and removed the coals. It is highly probable that the Greek initiates gained their knowledge of the philosophic and therapeutic aspects of music from the Egyptians.

Pythagoras realized the emotional and therapeutic aspects of both music and color. Also see "music" below. It is also a messenger and an awakening or something just passing through. Where are your decisions and choices leading you? As yourself, you might be thinking about controlling your behaviors.

There is a loss of control element herewith, perhaps an aspect of falling apart or going out of control. The cross has four points symbolizing the four cardinal directions, the four seasons, the four winds, the four archangels, and the four gospels. This symbolism is also seen in the Native American medicine wheel. In Christian tradition, the cross can mean resurrection as it does with the Egyptian Ankh. The noble side of yourself. Your inner authority. A high achievement a 'crowning achievement. Sometimes if held back during the day, the dream can act as a pressure release.

This can be a cleansing or healing. A place of hidden forces and perhaps a connection with the unconscious.

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Things feelings or thoughts "buried. A sense of weakness or being incapacitated. A cup, cauldron or the Holy Grail is a ritual object of feminine gender. Bran's life-restoring cauldron and the Grail. In physical essence the cup in ritual is often crescent shaped. There are many symbolic references to the feminine, the Holy Grael being one of them. Though descriptions of the Last Supper of Jesus speak of a cup in which Jesus poured wine and offered it as his own blood and that they should drink it in remembrance, the famous painting by Leonardo DaVinci shows no cup on the table, only a plate, or dish.

Was the plate, or dish the original Grael? Whether a dish or cup, both might represent the feminine aspect of nourishment. It has a life restoring quality to it.

On-line Dream Dictionary: In-depth Meaning of Symbols

The cauldron is the symbol for the goddess. To see a cauldron in your dream, may imply that you are undergoing some transformation, It could also indicate destiny or some magical, spiritual force.

Consider the symbolism of what is in the cauldron and its importance. To see a cup in your dream, might also represent love, nurturance and the womb. The cup may also signify healing, rejuvenation, and healing. Alternatively, it could indicate transcendence into a realm of higher consciousness. Is the cup half-full or half-empty? Do you see life from an optimistic or pessimistic point of view.

To see a cup with a broken handle, suggests your feelings of inadequacy and anxieties of being unable to handle a particular situation. Perhaps you feel unqualified or inadequate in dealing with a situation. If the cup is a chalice, it could represent your need for spiritual nourishment. You are on a search, or quest, for your individual self and for a more meaningful existence. Can also represent a penis. In harmony with the world and ourselves. One's dance with life. What is hidden to you? Dealing with grief of the death a loved one or your own future death and its inevitability.

What has ended in your life? Death, suicide and murder could all fit under this symbol. Suicide and murder in a dream can symbolize the need for a conscious choice on the dreamer's part to make a change in their lives, their perceptions, reactions, and circumstances.

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It's the "active" ending of something. It is the symbol for actively overcoming something. Caution: Some Dream Analysts claim that thoughts of suicide in the waking state are symbolically similar to the sleeping state and can be analyzed in a similar manner. These gestures, or "parasuicides" can, however, lead to accidental death or physical harm. A shocking statistic is that nearly half of all suicides began with suicidal gestures. Anyone spending too much time thinking about death should consider consulting a counselor, or should be referred to a counselor.

There's also the section Death and Resurrection on this website. If on you then perhaps you are feeling "shit on" or feeling you're not worth a 'shit' i. A feeling of being or having said something dirty, negative or undisirable.

Writing Villains Using the Villain Archetype

If you're trying to defacate and can't perhaps you are having difficulty letting go of something or perhaps you are too controlling. To find a bathroom covered in feces might suggest that there are some messy feelings that may need to be cleaned up. If it's a public toilet then perhaps you are worried how something may be looking to others see urinate.

It can also mean a loss of status or importance.

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  7. Something hidden that needs to be revealed, some problem to be solved. Are you being too all knowing? How about the pun: "Do you dig it? If chased by one, are you feeling as if you're no longer needed? A recognition for something done, or done well.