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I have to say that I enjoyed My Forbidden Desire even more on the second read than I did on the first and I now have a much better handle on some of the characters who carry through all of the books.

For readers new to the series, My Forbidden Desire can stand alone, there is actually a glossary at the end of the book and a quick skim through at the start will give you a leg up as you learn about the world of demons and mages as Alexandrine learns about her heritage. My Forbidden Desire was an exciting read! It starts off with Alexandrine Marit, a mage a witch , being held captive by a fiend a subspecies of demon. Fiends loathe witches because witches enslave and murder his kind, so when Xia, the fiend, is ordered to protect Alexandrine, he's not too thrilled about it.

Funny thing is, he needs to protect her against her own father! A father that gave her up when she was only three years old. He's after her for a Talisman she found while searching for him My Forbidden Desire was an exciting read! He's after her for a Talisman she found while searching for him in Turkey. The talisman gives witches the ability to have stronger powers. The talisman is also slowly attaching itself to Alexandrine which makes her extremely vulnerable when she parts herself from it.

Her only hope is Xia. Xia battles his emotions for Alexandrine throughout the entire book. He hates her for what she is, a witch, and he hates her for who her father is, which is the same man that enslaved Xia for years. Xia sees Alexandrine is different from any witch he's ever known. She's unselfish, kindhearted, and sexy as hell! He is drawn to her magic and together they go on a rollercoaster ride trying to figure out what to do about her father, the talisman, and the sexual tension between them! I really enjoyed reading this book.

The characters were intense to say the least! I loved how Xia was extremely attracted to Alexandrine but was trying to fight it because of who and what she was. He hated her yet wanted to protect her. She also couldn't stand him but found herself falling for him. The plot was interesting and I thought it was pretty cool the story had it's own "lingo". I kept having to refer to the glossary but that was part of the fun!

May 26, Dana rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy-urban , fiction-contemporary , fantasy-paranormal , witch-wizard-mage-sorcerer , demons , psychic-telekinetic-telepathy , romance , urban-warriors , cover-purple. Harsh's sister, Alexandrine a witch , is now a target of the mage Kessler who is greedy to lay his hands on an ancient talisman that she posseses. Nicodemus has charged Xia with Alexandrine's protection but Xia would rather kill every mage he sets his eyes on.

This installment in the series is centered on Xia overcoming his hatred and the romance between he and Alexandrine.

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My Forbidden Desire continues the story of the fiends and witches we were intoduced to in My Wicked Enemy. This second book is entertaining in itself and lays the foundation for future stoies as well.

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Although this book does not contribute as much as its predecessor in advancing the overall series plot, it does give us some more insight into the capabilities of fiends in general. Not stellar, but a pleasant read. Sep 26, RachelW BamaGal rated it it was amazing. When I started rereading the first book of this series, everything came back to me fairly easily. Not so much with this one; there were big holes of things I had forgotten.

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In a way that was good, as it made reading it again all the sweeter, and made me appreciate this great series even more. On to a reread of book three Jun 22, Nita rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , read , para-romance. I enjoyed the mythology of the first book to give this second one a try. But the male characters in these two books are just so And the way the characters think and talk is just too unrealistic.

I just don't see any reason for the two main characters to "fall in love" with each other. Aug 22, Nightwitch rated it liked it Shelves: romance-paranormal.

His Forbidden Desire by Katee Robert

Highly readable, but this, the second book in the series, also involves an innocent heroine and a hero who spends a significant portion of the book wanting to kill her. The dark brooding antihero is a thing, I know, but it's not really my thing, and it's a little over-the-top in this series.

Jun 02, Danielle Irby rated it it was amazing. Awesome series! Read all the books up until this one right after another. Jun 10, Cinnamon rated it it was amazing Shelves: for-review. A paranormal romance the likes of which I haven't read before. What made it unique was the story; a well developed plot full of twists and turn that took me toward the unexpected at pretty much every turner.

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Alexandrine Marit is a witch; well, sort of anyways. She has magic, sure enough, but unfortunately, her ability to acc A paranormal romance the likes of which I haven't read before. She has magic, sure enough, but unfortunately, her ability to access it is so limited that apart from some limited premonitions she's really no different than your average, every day Joe. What makes her special is the talisman that she wears around her neck; a talisman that should supposedly hold great power but does absolutely nothing for Alexandrine's limited magic. Imagine her surprise when her brother, long believed to be dead, shows up and insists that her very life is in danger due to the innocent-looking necklace.

He brings along with him Xia, an ex-mageheld, and one very angry demon. It's hard for me to put a finger down on what special attribute he has, but I think I love him because he is the ultimate bad boy. It's no secret that we women tend to fall for the tall, dark and handsome bad boys out there. That fits Xia to a T, and he is definitely not ashamed to admit it. He absolutely hates Alexandrine with an intense and undying passion. Only problem is that her body and her magic are terribly arousing to him.

What is one to do when you despise what another is and yet find yourself attracted to him or her at the same time? Well, try to get them in bed of course! There are two things that make a great romance for me. One is a strong heroine, and the other is a strong hero. Alexandrine is the type who is unwilling to take crud from anyone and she will sure as heck let Xia know when she thinks he is out of line. Of course, even when he is out of line, he's still intensely attractive so Alexandrine finds herself attracted to the demon just as much as she despises him.

This conflict creates an amazing degree of depth that should allow for enjoyment throughout multiple rereads. Very seldom would she immediately give us what we wanted. Instead, she'd tease us, pulling us along just to the snapping point and then she gently release us, only to start the process all over again. This made the book quite difficult to set down and in fact, I only found four spots where I could set it down. When the tension is so delicious that you can't help but to keep reading and experiencing the story, you know you've got a great book in your hands. The one thing that caught me up a few times were the few disconnects in the story.

There were a couple times where it felt like I must have skipped a paragraph or two because the transition from one event to another seemed to be lacking something. The few times I reread the section I discovered that I hadn't missed anything. The best way I have to describe it is like trying to write this huge research paper but being told that you have to keep it to a short word count. You write the paper up, discover it's too long and then have to cut sections out. Only problem is that everything flows together so well, there's nothing that can be cut out.

You do it anyways to stay within the limits of the paper and end up with something that is less stellar than the original product. Now, I'm not at all saying that these disconnects were due to editor overzealousness, that's just the best way I have to describe the feeling that I got those couple times. Fair warning time: You probably don't need this warning as it should be obvious, but just the same, I'd be remiss if I didn't give it. This book has strong adult themes and scenes.

I would give it a sensuality rating of four with the only difference between four and five being the choice of words used. Jewel takes romance to a whole new level here; I suggest a cold drink, or perhaps a cold shower in between chapters. The passion between Xia and Alexandrine is palpable. There are a few twists and turns in this relationship that make it quite unique, but I'll refrain from explaining them here to avoid spoilers.

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The originality of the book was also amazing. The same twists and turns that I just mentioned created a whole new atmosphere that I had not yet experienced. The highly developed characters added to the recipe for a great plot and made this story something special.

Jun 25, Valorie rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal , erotica , witches , magic. Alexandrine Marit is a witch who can barely form a spell, abandoned as a child by her powerful mage father Rasmus for having too little power. However, as a grown woman, what she does have is a talisman imbued with a power her father supposedly wants. So to protect her from her father and his league of fiends, her no longer long-lost adopted brother Harsh puts a fiend named Xia in charge of her protection. Xia is a powerful creature, the tall and dark handsome kind, but hates witches because wit Alexandrine Marit is a witch who can barely form a spell, abandoned as a child by her powerful mage father Rasmus for having too little power.

Xia is a powerful creature, the tall and dark handsome kind, but hates witches because witches enslave and kill his kind. He would like nothing more than to kill Rasmus with his bare hands, and watching over a witch who is also the daughter of Rasmus is a terrible fate for him. Neither of them trust each other, but slowly Alexandrine sees he is more than just a witch hating fiend, and Xia comes to see that she is more than just a witch.

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