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Throughout your studies, you will benefit from personalised support and guidance. In tandem to this, the School offers workshops structured around personal development self-awareness and self-assertion , communication tools such as CVs and cover letters , understanding the job market, learning about different careers and developing your professional network. Your mentor will help you to both evaluate the current job market and to develop your career strategy.

By the end of their studies, our graduates are ready to take up operational management positions in all sectors of the industry, across the 5 continents. The above fees are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next. The Work-study Tracks is open to all students, from both within and outside of the European Union.


The one-off Multiservice fee gives access to the following services: Multimedia and Internet network, Cyberlibris online library , Student Identity Card, Reprographics credit, Intranet, e-learning modules, Wi-Fi, Career Centre activities and services, International Insurance-Assistance for any periods spent abroad during the period covered by this contract , University library, University Medical Service etc. Click here for information about the cost of studying. Motivation interview is carried out by internet via our dedicated platform day and time of your choice.

15 Hospitality and Tourism Management Career Options

Apply for the 1 st year. Open to students with a minimum of 2 years post-High School education or international equivalent. Apply for the 3 rd year. Languages English French.

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Bachelor 3 years of higher education. September January. Download our brochures Apply now Where to meet us. Use your finger to slide. Year 1: Acquiring the fundamentals of management and tourism You will discover the fundamentals of management related to the tourism industry and learn about the different actors and tourist destinations. Throughout the year, you will have regular contact with industry professionals through your courses, job day, business weeks, Eductour, conferences and business forum.

This enables each student to benefit from personalised advice on issues related to career guidance, and to have a better understanding of how to enter the job market and enjoy a successful career. Internship abroad: at the end of the 2nd semester you will carry out a 3-month internship abroad. You will be fully immersed in a new country where you will expand your understanding of the industry, become more independent and improve your foreign language ability… all in a multicultural environment.

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The different courses taught will consolidate your knowledge and competencies in tourism and hospitality management. You will gradually develop a veritable international profile which will be essential for your employability and will facilitate your mobility throughout your professional life. You will then undertake a 6-month paid job in one of the parks of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Year 3: Choosing a specialisation and enhancing skills Year 3 is career-focussed and centred around your professional project. Sports Tourism Learn how to develop sports holidays and experiences… from organising a simple trek to a major sporting event, or managing leisure facilities.

Event Management Learn the necessary skills for event project management whilst developing your creativity. Work-study The work-study track is only available to students choosing the Tourism, Leisure and Accommodation specialisation in Year 3. Find out more Professional experiences Company-based internships, in France or abroad, are a compulsory element of the Bachelor programme.


Areas of study include theory and clinical instruction in professional ethics, sanitation, human anatomy, facials, skin care, makeup application, manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, haircutting, haircoloring, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, and all phases of hair care. The Family and Consumer Sciences program provides instruction in family and consumer sciences topics to prepare students for adult roles and responsibilities. The major focus is on developing skills for balancing home, work, and life by studying how to be successful with life management, wealth management, family development, home management, health and fitness, and leadership and community participation.

The Foods and Nutrition program provides an in-depth study in the areas of food preparation, nutrition and their relationships to personal and family wellness. Students study the importance of food choices and learn preparation techniques to maintain nutrition with the goal of fitness. Other topics include foods and customs, individual needs throughout the lifecycle and occupations in the food services industry. The Human Development program introduces the topic of Human Development.

Areas of study include the stages of human growth and development throughout the lifespan. Topics include developmental stages and influences on physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth. Courses in first aid and food safety are assets. They have excellent communication and human resource management skills.

During peak hours meal times , they may assist in seating or serving customers. He or she must also be of legal drinking age if working in a licensed facility. This position requires knowledge of the products, services, sector, industry and local area, and as well knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations. Completion of a food service administration, hotel or restaurant management course is desired. First aid and food handling certification are assets. They are employed in restaurants, dining rooms, fast food outlets, hotels, private clubs, convention centres and on cruise ships.

They are very familiar with the foods and beverages that are served at the establishment in which they work. They have knowledge of service techniques and are able to work efficiently and unobtrusively around guests. This position is fast-paced, especially during busy times. Servers usually receive gratuities, and may also receive meals or discounts on meals when at work.

Great Careers with a High School Diploma Hospitality, Human Services, and Tourism

Excellent customer service skills are also required, as is cash handling experience. In addition, food and beverage servers must be of legal drinking age if they are serving alcohol. Desirable skills and experience include time management skills, knowledge of health and safety regulations, and knowledge of the products, facility, sector and industry.

DUTIES Take and relay food and beverage orders, serve food and beverages to guests, check on guest satisfaction, handle complaints and concerns of customers, provide food and beverage product knowledge, use proper serving techniques, practice responsible alcohol service, cash out and reconcile cash with total sales. Courses in safe food handling, first aid and service excellence are assets. They supervise chefs, sous chefs, line cooks and kitchen helpers.

An executive chef researches and responds to trends in the food industry, plans and writes menus, manages finances and supervises kitchen operations.

Industry-Recognized Credentials by Career Field

Human resource management skills are also necessary, as are financial management skills and good communication skills. In addition, an executive chef should have leadership and team building skills, time management skills and knowledge of and interest in industry trends. DUTIES Plan and write menus, using descriptive text to encourage sales, ensure food meet quality standards, use financial management skills, use human resource management skills, may prepare and cook meals and specialty foods. Cooks certification or Culinary Arts diploma is required.

Courses in food safety, workplace hazardous materials and first aid are recommended.

The position of catering manager is very similar to the position of beverage services manager — the focus is just different. The management skills in one position can be used in the other.