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"Mistake" #2: A preposition is something with which a sentence should never end.

Have you ever organised a party for someone? What was the occasion? If you left your company, would you appreciate a farewell party? Have you ever bought a farewell gift for someone? E-mail: classes learnhotenglish. This American tradition is a fun one. Before a concert or a football game, people park nearby.

They open up the trunks of their cars, play some music and often drink alcohol that they bring from home. His sound is true Americana. A lot of people enjoy camping in the summer. So, if you go camping, you must try the ultimate camping dessert. First, you. Then, you find a stick and put the marshmallow on it to roast it. Then, you place the marshmallow on the Graham cracker and chocolate and get another Graham cracker to put on top, like a sandwich.

Of course you know what flip-flops are. But, people from the States wear them all the time. We love them. They are cheap, they come in any color and are deemed as acceptable shoe wear regardless of where you go…except for the office. People from the United States value comfort and convenience hence the comfortable flip-flops. Why do you think we eat so much of that readymade fast food? Some of these fast-food places are drive-thrus. Instead, you drive up to the window, order your food and then someone brings it to you.

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Depending on where you go, they might even be wearing roller-skates. You eat the food in your car. If you get annoyed with the people next to you, just roll up your window. So, put on your red, white and blue, wave your American flag and get ready for a true American summer! Female authors have been around longer than you think. But how did they get their work published? However, the famous author George Sand was in fact a female author whose real name was Amandine Aurore Lucile. She was a French writer who used the pen name George Sand for many of her novels.

A Romantic novelist, she lived from She had a very conventional childhood but soon got bored with her life, and later led an eccentric lifestyle and had numerous love affairs. Lucile was a very powerful writer whose works expressed a deep sympathy for human suffering and pain.

Her most famous books include Le Marquis de Villemer in and Histoire de ma vie in With a recent interest in feminism around the world, her works are being reexamined and praised once again. But they're still under her pseudonym, George Sand. Evans said that she used this pen name because she wanted her works to be taken seriously. Her novels became very popular during her lifetime and she was quickly praised as one of the best British authors of her time.

During her career, Evans became very interested in philosophy and rational thinking which is why she often included those themes in her writing. Although Evans is mostly known for her novels, she also created a series of poems and sonnets. Many say that Evans was best known for making complex topics such as science and art easy to understand.

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Pen names are still being used today. JK Rowling admits to using a pen name. Rowling is from Yate, near Bristol, England, and says she has been a writer since the age of 6. After years of family tragedies and moving around Europe, Rowling finally got the idea for her famous Harry Potter series while on a train in When Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books, she was recently divorced, unemployed and on welfare.

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The series was soon picked up by the American publisher Scholastic, and in Warner Brothers Studios secured the film rights for the entire series. With the success of her books and the films, Rowling saw Harry Potter mania happen before her eyes. Female authors use pseudonyms for many reasons. In the s, women used them to be taken seriously.

But even now, they use them so they can appeal to a more general audience. But, do you think it really makes a difference if a man or woman wrote Harry Potter? How does the message of a book change if you know the gender of the author? Keep going.


If you are unhappy with anything… whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Her parents fought all the time, and eventually her mother moved out when young Tina was only Years later, Tina moved to St. Louis with her sister, and that move changed her life forever. Tina had never heard such lively and fun music.

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  5. She was only 17, but had the courage of someone much older. After seeing the Kings of Rhythm play many times, she asked if she could sing with them. They finally let her. She loved it, and started becoming a regular with the band. And, she started getting closer to one band member in particular — Ike Turner. So, he proposed the name change Tina Turner. Ike and Tina Turner were now the focus of the band. This was also the first time Ike physically hit Tina.

    She reacted by refusing to go on tour to promote the song. As time went on, they became more successful, and Ike became more controlling. In order to keep Tina with him, he proposed to her in Tina thought it would be a proper wedding with a wedding dress and guests, but Ike drove her to Mexico and married her there.

    Tina later said that she remembered feeling too scared to reject his proposal. Soon after the wedding, The Ike and Tina Revue started breaking into wider audiences. Even though they were American, their music was doing better in the charts in the UK. Meanwhile, Ike started seeing other women and became more violent towards Tina. The couple was doing more television performances and interviews and Tina had to pretend everything was fine.

    Tina was enjoying the music, but her personal life was in a shambles. In , she visited a psychic. In , Ike hit Tina again, but this time she fought back Tina was beginning to realise that she was more than half of Ike and Tina. Tina was emotionally strong, but she was scared of Ike. She had to keep moving from house to house because she was afraid Ike would find her. She even carried a gun. She was in a difficult situation; she walked out on him with 36 cents, had 4 kids and was living on food stamps.

    Also, Ike kept harassing her and saying she owed him half a million dollars for missed tour dates and broken agreements. Finally, in , Tina was able to get out of the marriage. It was difficult, but she reinvented herself. She changed her sound to be more s, instead of the s-style music she had been doing with Ike. She started from scratch: she found a new manager, new dancers, new band members And it worked for her.

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    Tina was back on top, but this time she was calling the shots. These days, Tina is still making music. And one of her latest projects is the production of a musical about her life. She had a very public marriage and divorce to Ike Turner, but eventually became successful on her own. Her most famous album is Private Dancer, released in You probably already know a few of them: wait for, ask for, think about, talk about, listen to… Here are some more really useful ones for you to learn.

    If a group for example consists of different people, those people form the group.