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For an older child, you can encourage him to visit his school library and let him read there with his friends. You can also suggest that he borrow some books from the library and read them at home. Encourage your child to learn with different learning styles by incorporating fun activities. Try providing your child with age-appropriate activity books which can enhance his creative expression and problem solving skills, for example, coloring books, connect the dots, crossword puzzles, maze, math problems, etc. Let your child express what he feels. Set aside time where you can listen to your child attentively.

It 's helpful to always display interest and enthusiasm as your child talks. He will feel important and worthy of your time, attention, and love.

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Children who are valued in their decisions, feelings, opinions, and choices, are more likely to feel better about themselves and be motivated positively. For example, let him choose the clothes that he likes to wear or let him order the food that he wants to eat. When your child talks and expresses what he feels, make sure that you practice all the nonverbal gestures like maintaining eye contact, using facial expressions, and effective words to convey that you understand him.

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Set aside some time to teach your child and display your own passions. Teaching your child new things will give him the ability to try new things resourcefully. Whenever you find information, spend time discussing it with your child. Teaching your child will motivate him to set high goals for himself, and these high goals will be accompanied by hard work in order to achieve them.

You can teach your child about things like taking care of pets, garden recycling, and home improvement. Just make sure that you talk to your child in a way that he can understand, using age-appropriate terms. It is important to let your child discover how the real world works. Follow up on what your child learns in school.

Ask about the things that he studied and the things that he learned at school, and find out how he is doing. Letting your child talk about the things he learned will help him remember his lessons.

Strategies you can use to help kids work up to their potential

This will enable you to find out if your child is making progress in school or if there are areas where he needs improvement and motivation. You can also create opportunities for your child to ask you questions. Give your child positive feedback. Whether it is big or small, make sure that you let your child know that you appreciate his hard work. Positive reinforcement will enhance his positive behavior.

This will encourage your child to be motivated in learning. When he feels appreciated, he has a tendency to exert more effort next time. Develop a respectful relationship with your child. Have a respectful and positive relationship with your kid. This way you can successfully play an influential role in their lives.

Why Kids Who Learn and Think Differently Need to Stay Motivated

Punishing and threatening will fetch no results and will also damage your relationship. Your frustration and fear are normal and understandable. Remember, your child is not behaving like this just to make your life miserable or because they are good-for-nothings. If you get negative and complain all the time about his behavior then your child might become rebellious and stubborn. Judge the behavior, not your child. This distinction makes it less likely that the child will confuse his accomplishments with his self-worth.

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You need to make your child feel worthy. Be it accomplishments or failures, you should not judge your child on the basis of that. Ups and downs are a part of life and sooner or later your child will understand. By criticizing your child when it comes to failures and appreciating his work when it comes to accomplishment will confuse him of his accomplishments and self worth.

Talk to your child and be imaginative in drawing connections to school subjects and areas that your child loves. Suddenly even dry subjects will appear more exciting and colourful to your child. For example, if your child likes horseback riding, explain how important math skills are in calculating distances when riding a horse.

See, riding requires critical thinking and calculation: at what angle should you jump to overcome an obstacle? How much speed will cover what distance? Calculations, trigonometry, charting — really any discipline can be related to horse riding activities. If your child likes to play basketball, explain how geometric concepts permeate the game in terms of knowing the width of the court or the distance from the three-point-line to the hoop or the path the basketball takes according to at which angle it is shot. Once you start looking, you will find that math is everywhere.

It arguably is the language of the universe. Praise effort rather than achievement. Throughout life it will be their effort that will carry them. If you only praise achievement, you are creating competitiveness, stress and lots of failure — because only one person can win first place. You are in effect mostly creating failure and fear of failure.

This is completely counter-productive.

It really shows that we are a great team and help each other. You can master anything with that kind of approach. Winning in life is not about achieving first place in anything. Sitting down with your child and their teachers is essential.

8 Ways to Motivate Your Kids

This alone is worth your time and effort. In fact, teachers are your best allies in helping with learning techniques and pinpointing ways to improve studying. Together, you can set up a plan that will help your child make sure he or she does all the needed schoolwork.

The teachers can encourage them more and remind them to study and do their work, while parents can take care of things from home. You do not teach motivation per se like a lesson with an exam afterwards, but you can model it to your child.

I think our children really are the greatest motivators for us parents. They inspire us to be kind, compassionate and do the best we can for our families. In turn, our children learn from us how to take on the world. Let this thought be an inspiration to you. How you live your life and the way you select and pursue your goals will motivate your child to do the same. Model passion, persistence and the immense joy of going after your dreams. Your child looks up to you and copies. Has there ever been a better win-win?

There is no demotivator quite like disorganization. This is where you come in. The truth is, most kids are motivated, but not by what we think should motivate them. Understand that kids need to buy into the value of doing well. Below are tips on how you can motivate your child to do better in school. Ministry of Education, Guyana.

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