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Most of their products are unbranded, sold by various small businesses directly to consumers.

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The user experience on web or mobile is rather pedestrian. Wish has focused their business model on one thing and one thing only: price. Wish built their company to provide inexpensive, direct-to-consumer products at the lowest possible price.

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As their business grew, Wish started promoting similar products to their users based on their existing wishlists. This led to partnerships with some merchants, who provided their products directly via the Wish platform. Connecting third-party sellers to buyers through Wish. During that time they received buyout offers from Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, but decided instead to expand on their own. The site grew by focusing solely on price. Their early adoption of the direct-to-consumer model gave Wish the ability to offer products at a significantly lower cost than other online retailers like Amazon, who focused on selling products that still had other cost layers built in like advertising and distribution.

Even though Wish received several substantial funding rounds, many in Silicon Valley were skeptical that their business model would pay off.


There was a large underserved market of consumers that prioritized price over pretty packaging, fast shipping, and brands. As an eCommerce company, Wish was determined to go after a market that had previously been passed over by their main competitors. Wish made the process of setting up shop on their site much easier than their competitors, and that negated the need for producers to create their own eCommerce platform and invest heavily in marketing.

Wish made it easy for sellers of unbranded products to access to a huge market of consumers much faster than going it alone. Though their main driver was always price, what attention Wish did pay to shopping experience was focused on mobile. This strategy was tied directly to their relentless emphasis on low prices and the target customer that attracted.

Attention to the mobile shopping experience led to large-scale usage of Wish in the United States and around the world, and their rankings still reflect this fact.

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Both Android and iPhone Wish apps regularly stay at 1 for all shopping apps, beating out Amazon, eBay, etc. For overall ranking, Wish is consistently in the top 50 for iPhone and the top 25 for Android. This is due largely to how Wish has positioned their app, concentrating on the browsing experience as opposed to the shopping experience.

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App users can open the Wish app, spend five minutes browsing for deals that might interest them, and go about their day. It feels more like a habit-building daily deals site, like Groupon or Woot owned by Amazon than a traditional eCommerce store. Christmas Appeal Grace is wishing for a best friend Grace has had a tough start to life.

Choose a wish category and make a donation for a gift you can give to someone on your Christmas list.

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Sports wishes For the sports fanatic who'll be tuned in to the Boxing Day Test. Best friend wishes Pawfect for those who love a furry BFF and never turn down a puppy pat.

Princess wishes Gifts for the dreamers who believe in fairy tales and wishes come true. Superhero wishes Gifts for the comic book lovers and secret superheroes among us. Latest news and wish stories. Sydney's youngest train driver.

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Super Dylan saves Perth airport. Dylan took on the dastardly Ice Man, with a little help from the WishForce. Cara's wish story. Wish stories. Share this quote:. Like Quote.

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