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Sharing links are not available for this article. I have read and accept the terms and conditions. Copy to clipboard. Request Permissions View permissions information for this article. A linguistic toolbox for discourse analysis: towards a multidimensional handling of verbal interactions. See all articles by this author Search Google Scholar for this author. Claire Maury-Rouan. Robert Vion.

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Google Scholar. Des genres de discours aux textes. Paris: Nathan. Aijmer, K. Harlow : Longman. Amossy, R. Dimension 2: the design of new business models adapted to the digital economy — Innovation Economic and Management IEM. The diffusion of smart technologies changes business models and questions traditional frontiers of industries as well as usual ecosystems. This module offers a better understanding of business models of smart innovation and the ways economic actors innovate in these new organizational forms.

In particular, the module will emphasise the role of knowledge management in open business ecosystems of smart innovations. Technological platforms will be studied through their role in conception and diffusion of these current smart innovations. Andersson, M. Architectural knowledge in organizational IT innovation. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems , 17 1 , Burgelman, R.

Strategic management of technology and innovation.

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New York: McGraw-Hill. Gawer, A. Research Policy , 43, pp. Moore, J.

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Business ecosystems and the view from the firm. The Antitrust Bulletin, 51 1 , Dimension 3: the digitalization of finance and new ways of financing firms — Digital Finance DF. New digital strategies also impact financial markets. This digitalization leads to new practices of trading such as high-frequency trading as well as new forms of market instability such as flash crashes.

New digital devices also enable firms to get new forms of funding through the new practices of crowdfunding and crowdlending. Banks E. Kirilenko A. Kyle A. The Journal of Finance , 72, pp. Belleflamme P.

Peitz Lin M. The digitalization of society raises new concerns related to property data property, intellectual property and calls for new regulations to define the framework for future digital data and services exploitation protecting both citizens and companies. This course covers three Law topics related to Intellectual Property and Digitalization: personal data protection, intellectual property law and Internet sales law.

This minor covers three topics addressing:. The collection, processing and exploitation of data is at the heart of the digitalization of commercial and civil exchanges. This part of the course is intended to draw up an inventory of current regulations in this area and its practical consequences for companies.

The development of IT, with its new developments AI, Blockchain, smart contract , is at the heart of technological innovation. These technologies can be considered as property objects for the benefit of their creators.

This part of the course is intended to reveal the mechanisms of intellectual property and, more specifically, those dedicated to the protection of digital innovations. The dematerialization of trade is at the heart of economic development in the 21st century. This new reality, unavoidable, upsets the standards of contractual relationships and competitive positioning strategies. This part of the course is targeting students who are keen to master the fundamentals of the regulations applicable to online sales, to the management and the protection of domain names.

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Governance aspects, in particular Net Neutrality as well as frictions between the privacy and free speech, will also be discussed. What do business opportunities look like? How do firms discover and exploit these opportunities to create value and sustain competitive advantage? Entrepreneurship is the art of recognition and exploitation of opportunities.

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This minor is covering different topics related to innovation: methodologies for creativity, company creation, business development and marking. It is composed of different courses, 3 of which can be selected in a semester to create an individualized curriculum. Being happy to get up in the morning to work is an essential part of a livable society and a healthy life.

It is also to pursue the "promise of prosperity" that Straub speaks of as part of a "capitalism with a human face". The peculiarity of this method is to reveal the uniqueness of each one through the benevolent gaze of others.