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The Shadowlight had a "side effect" that made it extremely dangerous: contact with the artifact could awaken the powers of latent Psykers , and boost the powers of active Psykers, making them extremely powerful. However, not every psyker, latent or otherwise, survived contact with the artifact, and non-psykers who touched it without protection died almost instantly [2d].

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Based on this, one Mechanicus Tech Priest theorized that it was designed as a combined antenna and storage battery, meant to draw on the energies of the Warp and use them to power the primary machine [3b]. The Shadowlight was discovered by agents of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Ordo Xenos , who established a secret Mechanicus Shrine in the Valley to study its properties [2a]. Killian believed that with the artifact, he could create an army of psykers , powerful enough to finally overthrow and destroy the forces of Chaos [2c]. One Imperial psyker who examined the artifact later said that, had Killian carried out his "imbecilic" scheme, the Shadowlight could well have destroyed the entire galaxy.

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Quite apart from the damage wreaked by these individual psykers, their very existence would have invited possession by daemons , and acted as a gateway allowing the forces of the Warp to flow freely into the Materium. This psyker soberly predicted that, in two generations, the Eye of Terror would expand and swallow the rest of the Galaxy.

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During the Siege of Perlia , under the cover of the Ork invasion of the planet, Killian and Methius stormed the Shrine, killed the researchers and stole the Shadowlight, with the unwitting help of a squad of over-zealous battle-sisters from the Adepta Sororitas [2c]. Commissar Ciaphas Cain , leading an army of refugees across the Valley, discovered their handiwork, though he did not know until later who was responsible [1]. Killian and Methius continued to study the Shadowlight in secret inside a Sororitas convent on Periremunda , recruiting members of a local Chaos cult to serve as "test subjects.

The Shadowlight was returned to Perlia and the Shrine was rebuilt.

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Over the next few decades, several more components of the machine were discovered, and it was partially reassembled [3a] [3b]. Somehow, the forces of Chaos learned of the Shadowlight and saw the same potential that Killian had, though in reverse.

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During the 13th Black Crusade , in M41, Abaddon the Despoiler dispatched a small expeditionary force, under the command of Warmaster Varan , to retrieve it [3a]. Print-friendly ShareThis. Photo Gallery.

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