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Guillermo Del Toro's spooky drama follows a young girl who moves to her stepfather's new estate—only to discover there's another world just below the surface filled with fairies, fauns, and monsters.

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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Won: Best Documentary Feature The short life and career of singer Amy Winehouse is the subject of this powerful and emotional documentary. United Artists. Annie Hall.

Novels about World War 2: Realistic focus

Won: Best Picture, Best Director Woody Allen , Best Actress Diane Keaton , and Best Original Screenplay In what might arguably be her most iconic role, Diane Keaton played the idiosyncratic title character in this post-modern rom-com from writer-director Woody Allen, which tracks the relationship between two New Yorkers inspired by the film's stars' own romance. Apocalypse Now. Won: Best Cinematography, Best Sound Martin Sheen stars as a disaffected Army captain who is tasked with a secret mission to go deep into the jungle and take out a Green Beret Colonel named Kurtz Marlon Brando , who has gone rogue and established himself as a local god.

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The Most Popular World War II Fiction of the Past Decade

Columbia Pictures. Black Hawk Down. IFC Films. Cold Mountain. Focus Features. The Constant Gardener. Won: Best Supporting Actress Rachel Weisz This geopolitical thriller stars Ralph Fiennes as a British government official who must avenge the unsolved murder of his wife, an Amnesty International activist played by Weisz. Cool Hand Luke.

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Won: Best Supporting Actor George Kennedy Paul Newman stars in this Vietnam era anti-establishment film as Luke, a prison inmate who refuses to follow the rules and spits in the face of authority in this classic drama. Dallas Buyers Club. The Departed. Doctor Zhivago. The Duchess. And there is something about the ouroboros in there too. And in the end she is leaving because her life is in danger when she sees her mother at the airport.

There was a second book too but i have no idea about it. Any help would be mightily appreciated. The book i want to find is about a woman who lost her husband, i think he was killed and all town was talking about it and that make her feel awful,I think she was a suspect, and I think her husban was a politician or something like thtat. I red just a few pages and I don't remember the name, I hope with this you can help me. There was this book I read years ago about this girl who's boyfriend died and then she found out that the boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend.

I remember the book cover being pink. I know what you did last summer Submitted by Lord-Xanthor not verified on June 27, - pm. Its a book and horror movie ad well. It starts with a kid who Submitted by Please help fin It starts with a kid who wakes up outside his house and there's a deep fog around.

There are monsters inside the fog. He goes inside and finds his crush and they both defeat the mosnters. As he progresses, he gets flashbacks and eventually realizes that he's in a coma. He figures out that his crush dad shoots him or something. YA fiction fantasy Submitted by Kristine not verified on May 29, - am.

I can't remember the title of the book. The book is a series as well. Plot: a young boy is tested against a girl, who is like a chieftans daughter. The test is to go into a valley where there is a special flower which only grow near a monster nest. They get the flower by helping each other. The boy gain the ability to use fire magic and then it sent to his school where he becomes really strong.

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  • Stadt lesen. Der Blick des Flaneurs (German Edition).

They find out that the monsters in that valley are going to destroy the world, he and the girl play a big role in saving the world with an army. I believe the army leader is a wolf creature, who is crazy strong too.

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I also remember that the girl and boy are somehow linked together. Also I think the girl has a spirit animal. Well I hope that helps. I really would love to read it again because it was so interesting. Thank you. Krull Submitted by Lord-Xanthor not verified on June 27, - pm. I never got to read the book, but did see the movie. The music will stick in your head forever. I'm pretty sure that is the first book in the series by Jim Butcher. Furies of Caldeon Submitted by Summer not verified on September 19, - am.

Furies of Caldeon by Jim Butcher for sure!

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  4. Trying to find this book. I think it had a supernatural element Submitted by Drea not verified on May 29, - am.

    So i remember it having like two sets of characters where one is a girl whose dad i think it wasnt her real dad raised her and gave her something to forget her memory sometimes when she saw things of the "other world" werewolves? They were like animal like i remember she was on a walk on a path or something and she got attacked and her dad made her forget and then he covered it up. The other character was in some trouble? I remember she had to talk to people in some sort of orgy place and then she went to an arena to fight and it was up to 3 points where you cant escape the magic circle thing and then the first point was a drop of blood.

    She had rings i think. I remember the cover having a red masquerade mask? Black background. It may have been published around I read it in like It was an autobiography about a teen trying different jobs to see what he might enjoy doing as a career. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The Unlikely Romance of a Black Nurse and a German P.O.W. in World War II

    She always doing stuff like that and everyone get annoyed at her. She falls in love with the head of security after he keeps her in this room for like 24 hours. She is always turning to help everyone but they are annoyed by her efforts. She end up with the guy in the end and her friends end up throwing her an engagement party to show that their sorry?

    Please if someone read this book, please comment the title. I wanna read it again. Can't remember the title Submitted by Karen not verified on May 29, - pm. I read a fantasy book about a girl who was like 50th in line to the throne. She left a party early, where the whole royal line was massacred and she was the next in line.

    It was a plot to make her a puppet, because she was raised common.