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The initial insert came out of the Middle East moved to the European continent, then swept across the global game board arriving in the Americas.

Alamongordo Prophecies. The Lost Book of Nostradamus — Plate Filed Under: Prophecies Tagged With: 8 spokes , americas , ascension , dressed in red , emotional burdens of time , emotions , European continent , events come to a full circle , eye at the center of the Milky Way , Galaxy , hourglass empty , Inside the wheel , July 4 , Middle East , New City , nostradamus , NY , NYC , peacock , peacock control time , physical , plate 35 , tale of the lion complete , The 7 Spoke Cycle , the beast , the eye , The hand of god , the lost book of nostradamus , the scribe , the wheel of life , UN , United States , wheel of time.

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